The Transition From Winter to Spring

As soon as the weather begins to warm I get way to excited for warm weather. This outfit is a transition of my favorite parts of winter and spring fashion.

I slipped on this turtle neck this morning planning to wear it with jeans. I realized I was way to bored for wearing jeans and a sweater so I pulled out one of my favorite summer prices, my button up denim skirt. As always the most important thing of any outfit for me is that I’m comfy wearing it around all day and this denim skirt sure is more comfy than skinny jeans. I loved the look of this combo! I paired it with some beat up converse to go with the effortless look I was going for.

I kept my hair and makeup pretty natural for an effortless look . I wore a bright pink lipstick gloss to transition out of my winter lipsticks which are darker and are mostly matte. edited-backedited-full-frontedited-hairedited-upper-body

I love turtle necks with a loose neck and I’m constantly on the lookout for a cute turtleneck. I was so happy when I found this one. I also like the ribbed texture of this sweater which looks great with the scooped neck.

I don’t often wear skirts but this skirt is AMAZING. It goes with absolutely anything. When want to look cute but don’t want to be too dressed up I wear this skirt. I also like to use this skirt to dress up a t-shirt.

I decided not to bring a purse with this outfit and just use my keychain wallet on my puffball keychain. The puffball is meant to be put on a purse but I prefer keeping it on a keychain because it make my keys cute to carry around.

Sweater– I got it from free people but it is no longer available. There are similar turtle necks currently available

Skirt– The exact skirt is not available on the Brandy Melville website however there are similar ones. I’ve recently seen this skirt in Pac Sun.


Puff ball Key chain

Wallet – they did not have the exact one but this is similar

Do you have any winter to spring transition favorites? 


My Current Shoe Obsessions

Any one who knows me knows that I am obsessed with shoes so it was pretty had to narrow it down. I managed to pick the 5 pairs that I have recently found myself wearing non-stop. These shoes all go with almost anything and are perfect for almost any occasion. img_6657

  1. I don’t know what I would do without my hunter boots. They are completely waterproof yet still look cute and when I go out in the snow I just add an extra pair of socks are they make the perfect cute snow day outfit. Hunter boots are so versatile you can even rock them with a dress. While I don’t usually like colored shoes these add a pop of color to my winter cloths which mostly consist of black and grey. IMG_6660.jpgIMG_6575.jpgIMG_6544.jpg
  2. This is the Steve Madden groupie boot and it is a fun twist on chelsea boots. These boots look great with jeans and any casual outfit but they also look amazing with almost any dress and they are by far my most worn boots with winter.IMG_6662.jpg
  3. These are my go to shoes for absolutely an fancy occasion but they also look great for day to day wear. After a long search for a prefect pair of heeled booties I finally found the prefect pair!IMG_6663.jpg
  4. Not the most exciting shoes but after going through many pairs of converse I have back to the classic black which I am completely in love with. I know these will go with anything and they are usually the shoes I slip on when running out the door. img_6661
  5. It took me a while to like these shoes but they eventually grew on me and now I wear them everywhere! They are comfy enough to go on a long dog walk in yet still easy to slip on for a run to the grocery store. I usually wear them with cute or warm socks and I finally have the comfort of my favorite sandals in shoes suitable for colder weather. img_6678



Hunter Boots / Steve Madden Groupie (no longer available) / Cole Haan Booties  / Converse / Birkenstocks


Tasty lunch anyone can make!


I’m stuck at home due to icy roads and I was craving something tasty. I find it’s hard to stay healthy during lazy days at home. I found some frozen shrimp in the freezer and threw together a healthy lunch with what I could find.

  • rice: white rice topped with lemon and roasted sesame seeds
  • shrimp: seasoned and covered in olive oil then grilled
  • green beans: boiled with salt
  • bean sportut salad: boiled bean sprouts with white vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil topped with roasted sesame seeds
  • tea: iced black tea with lemon
  • fruit: mango, banana, and strawberries

Do you have a favorite lazy day meal?


Healthy Eating Log


Sometimes I can hardly remember all the things I eat through my day. Looking bad at many busy days I made a lot of unhealthy choices without even noticing. One of my new years resolutions was to eat healthier but I quickly found this was hard to do because I did not track it and their are many different types of healthy eating.img_6428

Looking to develop healthy habits I started a journal documenting what I eat thought the day as well as a pixel calendar in order to see my overall trends. I came up with my own definition on healthy and unhealthy eating which consisted of eating more fruits and veggies and limiting unhealthy snacks and greasy food. To start out I decided not to look at calories but instead focus on eating quality food.

I also used this as a quick tally of how much water I am drinking thought the day as a quick reminder.img_6430


6 Tips For Wearing Bright Lipstick



Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lip color in the color Slipper Orchid with and without gloss.

A bright lip color can either make or break a look. I’m usually terrified of wearing bright lipstick fearing it will smear, start coming off, or worse get on my teeth. Here are six tips to pull of any shade of lipstick:

  1. Use a primer. This step is super important to getting a lasting bright look. A
  2. Clear lip liner. A lip lier should be clear or a very similar shade to your color of lipstick.
  3. Use concealer to fix any imperfections.
  4. Try lip stain. I prefer using a matte lip stain then adding gloss on top. Lip stain stays really well even when eating and drinking.
  5. Blot your lipstick. After applying a coat of lipstick use a tissue or blotting sheet and bad your lips to remove excess product then apply more lipstick and repeat. This is also important to making any lipstick last.
  6. Use concealer to fix any imperfections. After your lipstick is applied use a small brush and trace your lip line for a crisp defined look.

Cheap room decorations

  1. Cute tapestry- a tapestry will transform a wall of your room and give your room a new cute vibe. Even if the traditional mandala Tapestry does not fit with the theme of your room there are countless different design to choose from. Urban outfitters have some super cute designs as well as a great selection however, they can be a bit pricey as most of them are over $50. Amazon has a good selection for much cheaper prices, most of which are under $20.
  2. Photo wall- A photo wall is a good way to add a touch of creativity to your room. Find some pictures lying around your house or print some new ones. Use double sided tape and hang them in rows or any other pattern. You could also hang Polaroid pics from string using cloths pins.
  3. Christmas light- want a Tumbr room? Christmas lights are the perfect addition for the cozy Tumblr look. Hang them loosely around the to of your room. They will brighten up your room and you might even have some lying around your house.
  4. Clothing Rack- If you have a little extra space put up a simple clothing rack and hang your cutest cloths that go with the color theme of your room. This will give you a little extra closet space and cute new decoration to your room.
  5. Chair- Have an extra chair somewhere? put it in your room! It comes in handy to put cloths or to take up an empty corner without spending much money.
  6. DIY’s- DIY’s aren’t for everyone but they certainly look great when done right. Some look tacky but there are so many great ideas that you can find just what you are looking for to add a few finishing touches to your room.